Clinic of mother's tits in Okubo | escrort service @tokyo  

※ In credit card payment, you can use only "credit card issued by Japanese company".


60min 10,000 yen
70min 12,000 yen
90min 15,000 yen
120min 20,000 yen
150min 24,000 yen
180min 28,000 yen
240min 39,000 yen
300min 48,000 yen
360min 57,000 yen

To foreigner.
Payment by credit card, payment by electronic money, there is no change in the fee either way.


▶Regarding business trip to hotel.
Business trip to hotel along Yamanote line OK
Please contact us for a business trip to a hotel on a route other than the Yamanote line.
A transportation fee will be charged separately for some business trips to hotels.

▶About transportation expenses
Okubo Station · Shin-Okubo Station …0 Yen
Shinjuku Station · Takadanobaba Station …1,000 Yen
Other Yamanote line stations …2,000 Yen
Other routes hotels …2,000 Yen ~ 3,000 Yen
The taxi fee is charged separately for hotels that can not walk from the station. …2,000 Yen ~ 3,000 Yen
Some hotels may not be able to offer services.Please check with the staff in advance.





※ The fee will be charged as "Massage Fee" in the name of the management company of our shop.


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About play

  • Activities such as taking pictures (voyeurism / eavesdropping) by devices such as video cameras, digital cameras and mobile phones with cameras are prohibited.When judging it as malicious, it will be delivered to the local police station.
  • SEX or compulsion of SEX.
  • Act of using customer owned play tools etc.
  • Act to force or force actions other than service content.

About Cast

  • Stalking act against cast. Or similar acts.When judging it as malicious, it will be delivered to the local police station.
  • Act of binding or equal to cast after service time.
  • Act inviting casts in private.
  • Act to prevent cast from contacting the outside

The use of the following people is forbidden

  • People involved in organized crime groups and equivalent.
  • Competitors for scouting purposes and equivalent persons.


Mei's Picture

Mei (33)
T:150 B:88(E) W:69 H:89

Shion's Picture

Shion (43)
T:158 B:98(E) W:67 H:94

Hibiki's Picture

Hibiki (36)
T:162 B:79(B) W:59 H:85

Chie's Picture

Chie (46)
T:155 B:83(C) W:61 H:86

chikage's Picture

chikage (65)
T:160 B:88(D) W:60 H:92

Kei's Picture

Kei (45)
T:158 B:98(H) W:66 H:98

Suzume's Picture

Suzume (51)
T:166 B:85(C) W:64 H:88

Himena's Picture

Himena (40)
T:155 B:84(D) W:58 H:84

Shiki's Picture

Shiki (39)
T:156 B:90(E) W:66 H:82

Aria's Picture

Aria (50)
T:155 B:83(B) W:62 H:88

Miyabi's Picture

Miyabi (37)
T:158 B:103(E) W:67 H:100

Konami's Picture

Konami (38)
T:160 B:94(D) W:85 H:100

Momizi's Picture

Momizi (39)
T:159 B:98(G) W:63 H:90

Sena's Picture

Sena (57)
T:160 B:96(G) W:61 H:90

Azusa's Picture

Azusa (49)
T:167 B:86(B) W:60 H:86

Mizuho's Picture

Mizuho (48)
T:153 B:90(E) W:65 H:96

Yura's Picture

Yura (47)
T:151 B:85(C) W:63 H:91

Towako's Picture

Towako (41)
T:158 B:100(E) W:88 H:102

Hana's Picture

Hana (39)
T:160 B:87(C) W:60 H:89

Chiaki's Picture

Chiaki (47)
T:156 B:90(F) W:62 H:88

Ami's Picture

Ami (39)
T:151 B:100(E) W:66 H:90

Hinano's Picture

Hinano (31)
T:163 B:113(G) W:70 H:88

Rina's Picture

Rina (42)
T:152 B:88(D) W:63 H:89

Nono's Picture

Nono (33)
T:158 B:94(D) W:68 H:90

Yosimi's Picture

Yosimi (44)
T:146 B:80(B) W:58 H:80

Saeka's Picture

Saeka (46)
T:155 B:86(D) W:65 H:87

Momona's Picture

Momona (46)
T:160 B:86(D) W:63 H:88

Yukie's Picture

Yukie (42)
T:155 B:103(G) W:68 H:99

Hiroko's Picture

Hiroko (49)
T:156 B:78(A) W:58 H:81

Kyo's Picture

Kyo (49)
T:162 B:90(G) W:63 H:92

Sara's Picture

Sara (38)
T:170 B:98(F) W:63 H:96

Yukimi's Picture

Yukimi (37)
T:153 B:107(G) W:76 H:99

Kurara's Picture

Kurara (42)
T:160 B:86(D) W:60 H:89

Seto's Picture

Seto (50)
T:150 B:98(E) W:63 H:95

Iroha's Picture

Iroha (42)
T:155 B:85(C) W:60 H:91

Mayuko's Picture

Mayuko (53)
T:156 B:105(G) W:63 H:115

Yuuna's Picture

Yuuna (39)
T:157 B:80(C) W:60 H:79

Eri's Picture

Eri (49)
T:172 B:82(B) W:60 H:89

Shinobu's Picture

Shinobu (52)
T:166 B:97(E) W:65 H:98

Mitsuki's Picture

Mitsuki (37)
T:163 B:90(F) W:62 H:90

Haru's Picture

Haru (50)
T:163 B:98(E) W:69 H:98

Sakura's Picture

Sakura (41)
T:160 B:88(E) W:67 H:88

Chisako's Picture

Chisako (48)
T:155 B:87(C) W:60 H:87

Saori's Picture

Saori (46)
T:154 B:98(D) W:66 H:98

Rio's Picture

Rio (43)
T:150 B:82(B) W:63 H:86

Koko's Picture

Koko (48)
T:157 B:84(C) W:62 H:90

Yumiko's Picture

Yumiko (51)
T:157 B:87(D) W:60 H:88

Yukiko's Picture

Yukiko (47)
T:157 B:90(F) W:62 H:90

Momo's Picture

Momo (43)
T:153 B:83(B) W:59 H:83

Reika's Picture

Reika (48)
T:161 B:89(E) W:58 H:87

Mafuyu's Picture

Mafuyu (37)
T:164 B:98(E) W:65 H:98

Natsuki's Picture

Natsuki (50)
T:158 B:83(B) W:62 H:89

Rara's Picture

Rara (51)
T:164 B:95(D) W:65 H:93

Rie's Picture

Rie (49)
T:160 B:92(E) W:63 H:90

Ako's Picture

Ako (38)
T:160 B:102(G) W:70 H:95

Misora's Picture

Misora (46)
T:153 B:83(C) W:63 H:88

Karin's Picture

Karin (41)
T:151 B:91(F) W:68 H:88

Kayoko's Picture

Kayoko (47)
T:163 B:90(E) W:63 H:88

Kotomi's Picture

Kotomi (50)
T:166 B:115(H) W:70 H:108

Nanae's Picture

Nanae (39)
T:163 B:83(C) W:60 H:89

Azu's Picture

Azu (50)
T:156 B:83(C) W:62 H:88

Shiho's Picture

Shiho (43)
T:155 B:83(C) W:58 H:84

Tsukasa's Picture

Tsukasa (40)
T:164 B:85(E) W:60 H:89

Kaoru's Picture

Kaoru (41)
T:165 B:88(C) W:72 H:90

Yuu's Picture

Yuu (62)
T:165 B:93(F) W:62 H:89

Aika's Picture

Aika (59)
T:159 B:77(D) W:61 H:81

Anna's Picture

Anna (46)
T:169 B:86(D) W:63 H:91

Tomoe's Picture

Tomoe (40)
T:152 B:100(E) W:80 H:108

Yume's Picture

Yume (51)
T:158 B:95(D) W:70 H:99

Seiko's Picture

Seiko (41)
T:154 B:105(D) W:72 H:103

Satoko's Picture

Satoko (49)
T:165 B:105(G) W:69 H:98

Masako's Picture

Masako (53)
T:162 B:90(D) W:64 H:95

Kanako's Picture

Kanako (45)
T:158 B:82(B) W:56 H:84

Yurina's Picture

Yurina (47)
T:167 B:92(E) W:64 H:90

Norika's Picture

Norika (51)
T:160 B:105(D) W:65 H:99

Nanami's Picture

Nanami (39)
T:150 B:92(E) W:62 H:90

Mio's Picture

Mio (40)
T:166 B:100(G) W:60 H:86

Nagisa's Picture

Nagisa (48)
T:165 B:98(G) W:64 H:97

Rinka's Picture

Rinka (47)
T:155 B:86(C) W:65 H:89

Wakako's Picture

Wakako (42)
T:154 B:88(E) W:64 H:90

Asuka's Picture

Asuka (49)
T:163 B:90(D) W:63 H:95

Risa's Picture

Risa (42)
T:157 B:86(D) W:62 H:88

Kana's Picture

Kana (45)
T:158 B:83(B) W:61 H:90

Jun's Picture

Jun (42)
T:157 B:86(D) W:62 H:88

Yuriko's Picture

Yuriko (50)
T:157 B:83(B) W:60 H:84

Mai's Picture

Mai (36)
T:144 B:85(D) W:62 H:88

Saki's Picture

Saki (48)
T:161 B:96(E) W:69 H:94

Misato's Picture

Misato (38)
T:161 B:85(C) W:60 H:88

Tomomi's Picture

Tomomi (48)
T:161 B:90(E) W:67 H:96

Misae's Picture

Misae (43)
T:158 B:95(F) W:66 H:95

Reiko's Picture

Reiko (40)
T:160 B:82(B) W:60 H:88

Mayumi's Picture

Mayumi (41)
T:159 B:98(E) W:73 H:98

Miho's Picture

Miho (44)
T:157 B:96(D) W:77 H:95

Aoi's Picture

Aoi (50)
T:168 B:93(D) W:75 H:105

Shizuka's Picture

Shizuka (42)
T:153 B:92(F) W:61 H:84

Aina's Picture

Aina (43)
T:158 B:90(D) W:60 H:92

Renka's Picture

Renka (37)
T:147 B:95(E) W:67 H:98

Noriko's Picture

Noriko (46)
T:156 B:96(D) W:64 H:97

Kozue's Picture

Kozue (47)
T:159 B:90(E) W:61 H:88

kurumi's Picture

kurumi (52)
T:158 B:83(C) W:60 H:88

Madoka's Picture

Madoka (45)
T:154 B:89(F) W:62 H:86

Sanae's Picture

Sanae (38)
T:163 B:75(A) W:56 H:85

Mahana's Picture

Mahana (37)
T:155 B:113(L) W:75 H:100

Emi's Picture

Emi (44)
T:157 B:82(B) W:61 H:85

Kotori's Picture

Kotori (39)
T:153 B:89(E) W:63 H:90

Kaori's Picture

Kaori (42)
T:163 B:84(C) W:63 H:93

Mahina's Picture

Mahina (48)
T:145 B:89(E) W:63 H:86

Ran's Picture

Ran (62)
T:153 B:90(F) W:64 H:90

Harue's Picture

Harue (44)
T:155 B:89(E) W:60 H:91

Moe's Picture

Moe (44)
T:163 B:95(F) W:75 H:95

Kanami's Picture

Kanami (50)
T:155 B:90(F) W:68 H:98

Sakurako's Picture

Sakurako (47)
T:158 B:95(E) W:60 H:95

Tsukiko's Picture

Tsukiko (56)
T:154 B:88(D) W:60 H:89

Erena's Picture

Erena (39)
T:164 B:93(F) W:60 H:95

Mariko's Picture

Mariko (52)
T:157 B:94(D) W:63 H:95

Ikue's Picture

Ikue (38)
T:151 B:98(F) W:89 H:105

Seina's Picture

Seina (33)
T:155 B:95(E) W:65 H:91

Saya's Picture

Saya (48)
T:152 B:86(C) W:55 H:86

Karen's Picture

Karen (46)
T:156 B:88(D) W:58 H:86

hina's Picture

hina (44)
T:163 B:84(C) W:59 H:87

Mayuka's Picture

Mayuka (48)
T:156 B:95(D) W:65 H:90

Kanoha's Picture

Kanoha (44)
T:161 B:95(D) W:60 H:88

Sayaka's Picture

Sayaka (50)
T:163 B:90(E) W:63 H:98

Sari's Picture

Sari (40)
T:152 B:110(H) W:75 H:105

Toki's Picture

Toki (53)
T:151 B:83(B) W:60 H:85

Miki's Picture

Miki (48)
T:160 B:83(B) W:58 H:88

Yuri's Picture

Yuri (44)
T:160 B:85(C) W:60 H:82

Ririko's Picture

Ririko (48)
T:150 B:95(H) W:73 H:90

Chiho's Picture

Chiho (48)
T:157 B:90(F) W:64 H:90

Mizuki's Picture

Mizuki (41)
T:152 B:92(E) W:63 H:90

Keiko's Picture

Keiko (46)
T:161 B:88(D) W:68 H:90

Tamaki's Picture

Tamaki (48)
T:165 B:98(H) W:70 H:96

Mako's Picture

Mako (36)
T:160 B:82(B) W:58 H:85

Reon's Picture

Reon (40)
T:160 B:111(G) W:64 H:106

Hazuki's Picture

Hazuki (46)
T:157 B:98(F) W:64 H:83

Makoto's Picture

Makoto (49)
T:149 B:92(E) W:65 H:93

Sora's Picture

Sora (48)
T:158 B:90(D) W:64 H:95

Miku's Picture

Miku (48)
T:156 B:82(B) W:60 H:83

Minori's Picture

Minori (53)
T:156 B:85(C) W:63 H:85

Suzuka's Picture

Suzuka (53)
T:166 B:95(E) W:65 H:98

Yomi's Picture

Yomi (50)
T:160 B:84(B) W:67 H:88

Koh's Picture

Koh (40)
T:158 B:86(C) W:66 H:88

Kumiko's Picture

Kumiko (55)
T:152 B:83(C) W:60 H:80

Miyuki's Picture

Miyuki (47)
T:161 B:86(C) W:64 H:90

Riona's Picture

Riona (36)
T:155 B:97(G) W:64 H:96

Dan's Picture

Dan (37)
T:163 B:121(J) W:70 H:100

Momoko's Picture

Momoko (44)
T:169 B:98(F) W:60 H:95

Mika's Picture

Mika (54)
T:168 B:100(F) W:70 H:98

Yuki's Picture

Yuki (41)
T:161 B:88(E) W:64 H:92

Ayane's Picture

Ayane (48)
T:153 B:78(B) W:65 H:83

Erika's Picture

Erika (52)
T:153 B:78(B) W:60 H:85

Sachiyo's Picture

Sachiyo (48)
T:158 B:83(C) W:62 H:88

Shunka's Picture

Shunka (33)
T:159 B:88(E) W:59 H:84

Atsuko's Picture

Atsuko (40)
T:162 B:110(I) W:75 H:100

Hasu's Picture

Hasu (38)
T:146 B:81(A) W:70 H:80

Misaki's Picture

Misaki (33)
T:158 B:98(F) W:66 H:98

Yoshie's Picture

Yoshie (44)
T:161 B:91(E) W:65 H:90

Miuna's Picture

Miuna (42)
T:167 B:86(E) W:68 H:83

Miwa's Picture

Miwa (40)
T:153 B:100(F) W:69 H:98

Megumi's Picture

Megumi (53)
T:168 B:93(D) W:65 H:93

Konomi's Picture

Konomi (40)
T:164 B:84(D) W:73 H:95

Kako's Picture

Kako (31)
T:160 B:93(D) W:72 H:95

Ikuko's Picture

Ikuko (53)
T:153 B:80(C) W:68 H:92

Eiko's Picture

Eiko (43)
T:156 B:90(E) W:62 H:90

Rika's Picture

Rika (48)
T:152 B:87(C) W:63 H:90

Miyu's Picture

Miyu (41)
T:157 B:88(D) W:62 H:88

Rena's Picture

Rena (38)
T:153 B:89(C) W:60 H:86

Maya's Picture

Maya (33)
T:150 B:86(E) W:62 H:87

Chika's Picture

Chika (46)
T:160 B:92(C) W:62 H:98

Kotono's Picture

Kotono (40)
T:154 B:86(D) W:60 H:86

Tamami's Picture

Tamami (54)
T:149 B:82(B) W:60 H:85

Fujino's Picture

Fujino (52)
T:153 B:83(C) W:59 H:88

Arisu's Picture

Arisu (47)
T:160 B:80(C) W:58 H:85

Rino's Picture

Rino (44)
T:155 B:84(D) W:64 H:85

Mitsuko's Picture

Mitsuko (53)
T:155 B:80(A) W:65 H:85

Hotaru's Picture

Hotaru (47)
T:152 B:80(B) W:58 H:82

Nozomi's Picture

Nozomi (42)
T:150 B:80(B) W:58 H:88

Satsuki's Picture

Satsuki (50)
T:150 B:76(B) W:56 H:75

Ayumi's Picture

Ayumi (52)
T:163 B:91(D) W:62 H:93

Yuma's Picture

Yuma (44)
T:163 B:85(C) W:65 H:90

Aya's Picture

Aya (36)
T:152 B:86(C) W:60 H:88

Koharu's Picture

Koharu (42)
T:157 B:80(A) W:57 H:83

Kazumi's Picture

Kazumi (47)
T:154 B:88(D) W:61 H:90

Yuzu's Picture

Yuzu (40)
T:158 B:96(E) W:67 H:87

Mikiko's Picture

Mikiko (42)
T:158 B:89(E) W:65 H:98

Kuu's Picture

Kuu (60)
T:158 B:78(B) W:56 H:76

Kyouka's Picture

Kyouka (49)
T:162 B:83(B) W:58 H:88

Tsugumi's Picture

Tsugumi (47)
T:161 B:95(E) W:64 H:95

Mayu's Picture

Mayu (44)
T:161 B:86(C) W:59 H:85

Misa's Picture

Misa (50)
T:162 B:89(E) W:63 H:94

Satomi's Picture

Satomi (45)
T:156 B:89(F) W:64 H:90

Yuuka's Picture

Yuuka (44)
T:160 B:85(C) W:61 H:88

Kanae's Picture

Kanae (55)
T:156 B:85(C) W:65 H:90

Ren's Picture

Ren (45)
T:156 B:86(C) W:58 H:87

Hikaru's Picture

Hikaru (49)
T:162 B:86(C) W:62 H:87

Remu's Picture

Remu (42)
T:155 B:75(C) W:60 H:80

Kurea's Picture

Kurea (42)
T:167 B:88(D) W:65 H:88

Narumi's Picture

Narumi (40)
T:150 B:88(D) W:58 H:86

Sumire's Picture

Sumire (50)
T:149 B:88(D) W:60 H:87

Riko's Picture

Riko (47)
T:157 B:86(D) W:60 H:88

Kanna's Picture

Kanna (52)
T:153 B:90(D) W:75 H:100

Asahi's Picture

Asahi (46)
T:150 B:86(D) W:58 H:85

Miya's Picture

Miya (45)
T:150 B:93(D) W:72 H:92

Arisa's Picture

Arisa (45)
T:153 B:88(D) W:66 H:95

Takako's Picture

Takako (54)
T:160 B:92(D) W:67 H:90

Marie's Picture

Marie (56)
T:161 B:93(C) W:70 H:100

Sayoko's Picture

Sayoko (40)
T:164 B:82(D) W:60 H:88

Naomi's Picture

Naomi (34)
T:149 B:86(C) W:60 H:90

Sawako's Picture

Sawako (47)
T:163 B:97(F) W:63 H:98

Misao's Picture

Misao (28)
T:162 B:98(C) W:68 H:96

Etsuko's Picture

Etsuko (63)
T:153 B:83(C) W:58 H:88

Mana's Picture

Mana (60)
T:152 B:88(E) W:64 H:88

Hiro's Picture

Hiro (41)
T:155 B:90(F) W:63 H:90

Yoshino's Picture

Yoshino (47)
T:164 B:84(C) W:60 H:87

Maki's Picture

Maki (49)
T:165 B:85(D) W:68 H:93

Urara's Picture

Urara (47)
T:164 B:88(D) W:63 H:88

Serina's Picture

Serina (42)
T:164 B:98(D) W:66 H:98

Airi's Picture

Airi (52)
T:158 B:90(E) W:60 H:90

Kazuki's Picture

Kazuki (47)
T:170 B:90(F) W:65 H:90

Aki's Picture

Aki (36)
T:152 B:86(C) W:63 H:86

Mirei's Picture

Mirei (47)
T:158 B:86(D) W:60 H:88

Mami's Picture

Mami (61)
T:160 B:100(I) W:72 H:93

Noa's Picture

Noa (42)
T:160 B:88(D) W:63 H:94

Nanase's Picture

Nanase (47)
T:158 B:83(B) W:60 H:85

Midori's Picture

Midori (44)
T:163 B:89(E) W:70 H:95

Honoka's Picture

Honoka (55)
T:160 B:82(B) W:64 H:90